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1 a male demon believed to lie on sleeping persons and to have sexual intercourse with sleeping women
2 a situation resembling a terrifying dream [syn: nightmare]
3 someone who depresses or worries others [also: incubi (pl)]

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From Late Latin incubus < incubo ‘nightmare, one who lies down on the sleeper’ < incubare ‘to lie upon, to hatch’ < in- ‘on’ + cubare ‘to lie’ < Proto-Indo-European base *keu(b)- ‘to bend, to turn’.




  1. An evil spirit supposed to oppress people while asleep, especially to have sex with women as they sleep.
  2. A feeling of oppression during sleep; night terrors, a nightmare.
  3. Any oppressive thing or person; a burden.
  4. One of a genus of parasitic insects.



an evil spirit
a nightmare
  • French: cauchemar
  • trreq German
  • Italian: incubo
oppressive thing or person; a burden

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